How to Unlock Custom Free Fire Skins for Free?

How to Unlock Custom Free Fire Skins for Free?

December 5, 2022 0 By Saasha

How to Unlock Custom Free Fire Skins for Free?

If not, then I must tell you that you are living in the dark because there are so many such skin packs that you can unlock or use in the game. Even most of them are free.

Most of these skins are free, but there is one problem with them. As you know, Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous shooting or Royale Battle games after PUBG Mobile and so on. It is an online game that offers addictive gameplay and attractive features.

Some of the game’s most notable features include skins, pets, and emotes. Emotes are animations or movements, while skins are used for multiple items in the game. However, these are some of the most highlighted features of the game that make it more interesting for players.

In this article, I will cover these items in detail. Next, I will let you know how you can unlock your own free fire skins. So stay with us till the end of this page to know more.

How to unlock custom free fire skins?

Free Fire is quite common among fans who love Battle Royale games. It is one of the best cross-platform gaming apps. You can have it on PlayStation, iOS, Android, and several others. However, if you are using Windows OS, you need an emulator on your PC or laptop to play it.

However, our main topic is about how to get free skins that are actually paid. As you know, there are two kinds of features in the game. Firstly you can have free and secondly premium ones. But the overall game is free and you can download and play it for free.

If you are someone who cannot afford to pay the price, you can go ahead with the free one. But the attractiveness of premium skins makes people want to unlock and use them. They, therefore, try to use such resources that are highly risky and unauthorized to use.

Still, skins are the most important and attractive items in the game. This is also the reason why the game is more popular among fans. There are so many third party sources or fans who have designed so many skin packs for the game which is totally free.

Such items cannot be unlocked for free. Even most of the tools that allow you to do this are unsafe and unethical. Therefore, you must not depend on such resources. Rather, you can unlock free skin packs that give you so many items in one pack.

These kinds of tools offer skins for vehicles, weapons, character clothes, parachutes and much more. So here I am going to share some of the top 3 tools that you can use to unlock your own free fire skins. You don’t even have to pay a penny there.

SF Tool Free Fire

Let’s talk about the most famous SF Tool Free Fire which is completely up to date and offers so many interesting features. This is a tool that you can install on your Android mobile phone. Allows you to unlock skin packs at the same time.

So you can have a similar pattern of skins for vehicles, weapons, characters, parachutes and many other items in one pack. But there are so many volumes that you can go through and find the one you like the most.


Nicoo is another app or program that is designed to add custom skins to the game. You don’t need to install any separate tool or program for this app to work. Everything is free and there are no fees at all.

Even you can visit the official website to learn how it works safely and provide skins. You can choose skins for the same items I mentioned above for SF Tool Free Fire. Along with that you can also have skins for GlooWall and son.

Skin Free Fire

Skin Free Fire is another application that is designed for Android mobile phones. So you can only install the app on these devices and you can find it in the Play Store. In addition, there are various third-party websites or app stores where you can install it on your phone.

Again, it offers you a huge number of skin packs that you can apply or unlock at once. First you will need to select the package and then tap on the injection or unlock option. Later, you will experience the results directly in the game.


In the article, I tried to share information and educate you about the resources that allow you to unlock Custom Free Fire Skins. However, I am not recommending any tool to you, rather this article is for educational and entertainment purposes. Additionally, you should do your own research before using any of the above tools.


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How to Unlock Custom Free Fire Skins for Free?